Our Process for Employers

At the beginning of each search process, we meet with the client to define the position’s duties and responsibilities, required skills and experience, and other client-required aspects. We gather information about the client firm, its culture, vision and core values, and other factors which will enable us to engage potential candidates.


The most qualified candidates are typically employed but open to better opportunities. They do not post their resumes on internet-based recruitment sites or scan classified ads. For this reason, direct recruiting and direct contact is still the best way to reach the most qualified candidates.


What has changed is the use of sophisticated, state-of-the art techniques, virtual solicitation and the ability to perform deep industry research and meticulous evaluation of each candidate.


We typically start by sourcing top prospects from U.S. blue chip real estate firms, beginning with the local (our first priority), regional and finally national universe, in that order.


Our goal is to develop 3 - 5 top passive candidate resumes from a pool of qualified individuals, along with confidential interviewer comments for each candidate. This is usually achieved within 15-30 days from the onset of the priority search assignment. Your Cristobal Real Estate Advisors Search Director is your single point of contact prior to, during and following the entire process.


One of the many advantages of using an executive search firm is the strictly confidential manner in which we conduct the candidate search. In the case of an employee who is not meeting expectations or a new position involving confidential plans, the candidate search is conducted without disruption to existing operations.